Who would you guys recommend for the highest quality caps?

I’ve added some to the site, but need a lot more and most I come across aren’t very good quality. Thanks guys!

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Miss Chloe Lukasiak's Icon Archive


Checkout my icons on Chloe’s website! Anyone is free to use!!

In need of icons!

We need a lot of icons to fill up our Icon Archive with. Please message us if we have permission to use yours (with credit).


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Check out the brand new Miss Chloe Lukasiak!

Hope everyone enjoys it!

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Chloe and Christi will be in Toronto, Canada on April 19th!

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madizonziegler said: I love the new theme :)))

Thank you!! Glad you like it!

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Anonymous said: How do we get edits featured on Chloe's Facebook page?

There’s no specific way, just continue posting and you never know when yours will be featured!

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